Public Health Accreditation Consultant

  • Accreditation review and process workshops

  • Technical Assistance throughout the accreditation process

  • Documentation Reviews

  • Strategic Accreditation roadmaps to guide the accreditation journey

  • Solutions 

  • Strategies

Health and Safety Consultant

  • Policy development

  • Protocols

  • Investigations

  • Behavioral health

Diversity Training Development

  • Diversity compliance requirements research

  • Curriculum and training development

  • Training support


Boston Mantra LLC delivers accreditation services to provide a leading-edge for tomorrow’s competitive challenges.  We also provide health and safety consulting support to assist with public policy development.  Finally, we help organizations promote an inclusive environment by providing research based diversity training development per the apparent requirements of all 50 states.



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Shrewsbury, MA-01545, USA

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Phone - +1-617-543-6366

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