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Value for Every Life-Saving Approach

Gov’t Programs -

Government agencies continue to struggle with the challenge of meeting the diverse needs of their people, especially vulnerable special populations.  These patients and victims are often left behind when new government programs for the masses take shape, leading to enormous disparities in government service delivery.   Too many government contractors and consultants lack the experience and expertise in dealing with vulnerable special populations.


Boston Mantra LLC specializes in vulnerable special populations.  Our consultants have unique licensed expertise in speech pathology and occupational therapy with over 30 years of experience working with children, special needs children, women, handicapped, minorities, criminal offenders, and LGBTQ special populations.  Several of our consultants have been recognized nationally for their service toward special populations.  In particular, we specialize in providing for government programs that are sensitive, prepared for a crisis, and diversely inclusive in every special setting or circumstance.  Working agencies across government, including independent boards, public-private partnerships, and agencies whose primary focus is not health, Boston Mantra aims to help all populations receive equal support from their government.

Health System Initiatives -

Health systems thrive on integration across providers but have now been challenged by an exacerbation of traditional walls that divide various parts of the industry.  The pandemic and other crises have left patients once more divided among silo practitioners, now communicating remotely and more lost in the system than ever before.  Consultants who were supposed to ease transitions into more integrated care have instead compounded the complexity because of their need to generate business from programs rather than eliminate the unnecessary burdens.

Boston mantra LLC aims to give healthcare leaders the tools they need to integrate or startup new small businesses to succeed and achieve their aim of providing accessible high-quality care at lower rates.  We specialize in performing clinical assessments of health systems to ensure that the causes of failing health systems are identified.  We also specialize in modeling and simulation to help health systems plan for future integrated growth using population health analysis techniques.  Working together with healthcare leaders of health systems, Boston Mantra aims to bring about truly integrative platforms of care that provide convenient low-cost excellent care to all patients.

Community Development -

Community health centers and groups that provide health-related support struggle with fundraising as wallets tighten with the pandemic or the public focus shifts from health to other important priorities.  Patients served by these vital private agencies are critical to reaching those in the most need, especially in environments that are not fully developed in healthcare infrastructure with no clear plans for development.  Consultants tasked with bringing about these community health systems are out of touch with disparate communities too often because they have no experience in them.

Boston Mantra LLC aims to achieve universal access to care through the promotion of community-based care.  Long an ethic of the medical profession community-based care can benefit from true assessments of market environments and plans recommended by Boston Mantra for unique underserved markets that are not analyzed by traditional analysts due to their poor business potential.  Working with Community groups, Boston Mantra aims to inform them with the latest knowledge on how to invest and move their enterprise forward even in the most challenging of business environments in order to extend care to those who cannot afford it.

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