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Combining Clinical Experience with Industry Excellence

Our Mission

Our Mission

Healthcare exists on three pillars of providing integrated multidisciplinary care, developing therapeutics based on personalized insights, and developing a vibrant community support system.  Boston Mantra aims to usher in the next generation of quality inclusive care, personal insight driven therapeutics as well as healthcare navigation advice, and community integrity through civil services. 

Who We Serve

Who We Serve

Boston Mantra was created to serve patients through our clients at health system leaders, public officials, and industry entrepreneurs.  Boston Mantra shares our clients' vision to empower patients by providing info to help them access and use the services of the healthcare-bio pharma system.

Our Unique Values

Our Unique Values

Boston Mantra believes in providing unique value-added to its clients through our

  • Pillars of Practice - Reliability, Timeliness, Cost - Effectiveness

  • Specialized Comprehensive Approach

  • Uniquely Certified Work for Added Value

  • Presidentially Awarded Community Outreach to support special population care



For every project related to coordinating projects, developing companion testing, and responding or preparing for disasters through education, Boston Mantra LLC follows a standardized comprehensive Boston Mantra approach of evaluating:

  • Do the partners have all the certifications they need to perform the project?

  • Are the right clinicians on board and aligned?

  • What partner's business development needs are most in line with the project and how to get them inline?

  • Are Partners trained to perform the project without loss?

  • Are the programs done by the partner in sync or detracting from the project, how can they be improved?

  • What is the best platform to connect all the partners to communicate without problems?



In addition to our standard comprehensive BM approach, we have specialized capabilities.

In the biopharma space:

  • Direct Whole-Genome Sequencing Test Analysis

  • Supporting and Supplementing lab director signoff capacity with QAQC analysis

  • Molecular diagnostics product development

  • Molecular diagnostics and biomarker related patent survey and analysis for business development

In the Community Service Space: 

  • Centers of excellence for international outreach 

  • Experience in working with special populations

  • Notary

  • Constable

  • Justice of the Peace

Biopharma Space

Biopharma Space

Community Service

Community Service Space

Consulting Experience

Consulting Experience

Our Hope For The Future

Our Hope For Future

In the end, Boston Mantra desires to see a healthcare environment that avails of all options for patients from every discipline, personalizes care to end cook-book trial-error practices, inspire communities to lead care over corporations, and ensure that no one is left behind when caring for patients in a disaster.

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