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Our Philosophy and Promise -

 Putting Healthcare Leaders in the Drivers' Seat 

As a 100% Certified minority-owned small business, Boston Mantra LLC treasures the trust our clients have in us and believes strongly in the most cost-efficient service to save money for our clients wherever possible.  We undertake the following cost control measures to provide excellent service under time and under budget -

  • 3 source Procurement

  • Segregated accountancy

  • Credit use oversight

  • Spending oversight

  • Transparent Hiring

We also believe very strongly in providing high-quality service developed over years of experience and research in the following tasks areas -

  • Evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of healthcare initiatives in light of the current as well as historical governance, financial position, operations, and market environment

  • Evaluating turnaround initiatives audited annual financials

  • Reviewing background materials

  • Reviewing Operations

  • Interviewing key stakeholders

  • Evaluating market position and strategy

  • Recommending plans

Reliability is another core pillar of our business.  Utilizing our Process Analysis-Measurement-Impact Demonstration Methodology, Boston Mantra LLC applies a standardized step-wise approach to developing a quality report that is reproducible as well as reliable. 

Timely access to our results is the last key pillar of our philosophy and promise.  Boston Mantra works on a transparent calendar to ensure monthly quality reports are created and submitted in a timely manner.  This effort for timely reporting is supported by continuously introducing new processes into the analysis, robustly competent use of technology, and a capacity to move high-value employees from the core business to report evaluation. 

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