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Multi-disciplinary Leadership Focused on Personalized Next Gen Tracing and Testing

The confusion created by variable sensitivity testing during the COVID 19 pandemic showcased how unreliable testing methods could lead to real harm for patients who were forced to quarantine and suffer the worry of a positive test result when they were in fact negative.  These unreliable tests threaten to distort statistics, disrupt livelihoods, and subject the public to unnecessary treatment.  The problem of using unreliable outdated testing extends to many other uses of molecular testing beyond COVID-19 testing also.  Unfortunately, too many of these outdated tests remain in use for no reason other than a lack of understanding of more accurate next-generation whole-genome sequencing studies.

What is needed is multi-disciplinary coordination of providers, many of whom such as specialty diagnostics labs had previously only catered to the niche of the healthcare market, in order to implement large scale developments to the healthcare system such as universal contact testing, training, and upgrades to existing lab facilities.  Boston mantra LLC aims to use its' experience in third party monitoring services to implement universal Whole Genome Sequencing testing worldwide in every discipline where it can be used successfully to diagnose patients accurately.  Applying over 30 years of combined consultant experience in industry molecular testing, certified WGS sequence analysis expertise, and practical experience running companies, Boston Mantra is the premier option to implement WGS sequencing capacity worldwide.

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