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Safe and Effective Teaching Style using Multimedia

With pandemic social distancing requirements putting pressure on teaching institutions to go online, many students struggle with the practical education that some professions in the health field demand.  As a result, too many healthcare professionals are being deprived of a comprehensive education.

Boston Mantra LLC performs training as one of its primary roles in the following structure:

Developing Foundations for Educating 

Creating Learning Objectives

Coming up with a Teaching Plan

Preparing the Learning Environment

Creating and using Visual Aids

Preparing and delivering Interactive Education

Facilitating Group Learning

Facilitating Skill Delivery

Applying Knowledge Assessments


Applying Skill Assessments

Monitoring for Teaching Effectiveness for Continuous Improvement


Working in collaboration with learners, Boston Mantra LLC envisions a nurturing learning environment where students can learn safely, comfortably, and effectively.


Image by ThisisEngineering RAEng

Our Current Teaching Curriculum (connect with us for agendas, schedules, registration, and more info) Capabilities include:

Occupational Safety

Billing and Coding

Health Maintenance

Health Promotion

Public Safety Promotion

Personal Safety Promotion

Know your Rights (Health Care Version)

Developmentally Appropriate Health Education

Occupational Health and Fulfillment 

Emergency Medical Services Introduction

Eldercare and Alzheimers Caregiving

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