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Industry Experience in Rapidly getting New Diagnostics to Market

The COVID-19 pandemic proved the need for rapid microbial diagnostics that were reliable was severely lacking and the enormous variability in treatment outcomes, particularly in vulnerable special populations required companion diagnostics to allow for better risk stratification instead of blanket lockdowns.  As a result of a lack of biotechnological products that were possible but not proven, the pandemic overwhelmed the healthcare system and overall infrastructure, resulting in death for vulnerable people while severely impeding the lives of normal  healthy people.  


Boston Mantra LLC harnesses tremendous experience in bringing new biotechnological pipelines to market by helping labs get accreditation, meet industry standards, perform testing successfully, and launch the product.  With consultants awarded in the biotechnological industry for thinking outside the box, Boston Mantra LLC is uniquely poised to help biotechnology laboratories and government agencies achieve ambitious public health goals through new products in biotechnology.


Image by ThisisEngineering RAEng
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