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Keeping Students Focus on Learning through Subtle Professionalism

Lapses in school safety that have resulted in school shootings or overenforcement of school truancy by hevy handed police have rightly outraged the public.  As a result of poor civil policing, too many students are the victims of both crime and law enforcement at school, which should be the one place they feel the most safe.

BOston Mantra LLC is committed to restoring civl order and discipline at school.  Armed with law enforcement experience, but also cvili process expertise, Bostn Mantra is in the unique position to take a balanced apprioach to school policing by employing less punitive measures to effectively control truancy, while having the legal means to protect the studfents from a more extremem threat using law enforcement tools.  Using subtle professionalism, Boston Mantra desires to keep the students' focus on learning and away from issues of basic safety.

Image by Sam Balye
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