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Connecting Beyond the Bedside

Delivering health messaging to the public has always faced the unique challenges of connecting with the public while protecting confidentiality, intellectual property assets, physical healthcare facilities, and a competitive messaging environment where vice sells better than health.  The challenge hurts patients by preventing meaningful information from reaching them and hurts healthcare leaders who are swayed by sensationalist rhetoric over facts.  Consultants charged with organizing activities at the community level or general contracting for community-wide initiatives often are out of touch with the communities they are tasked to reach, especially underserved communities because they cannot genuinely speak to their needs.

Boston Mantra aims to connect healthcare leaders to the community that they serve.  Our consultants have unique experience in healthcare public relations, the unique rules around healthcare communications, and the community assets available to organize or general contractors for public health progress.  Working together with healthcare leaders, Boston Mantra aims to promote health literacy, developmental milestone achievement, universal vaccination, special population outreach, emergency preparedness, tobacco cessation, substance abuse prevention, and treatment adherence.

Expertise - 

  • Healthcare public relations

  • The unique rules around healthcare communications

  • The community assets available to organize or general contractor for public health progress

Image by Anna Earl
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