We are a Massachusetts based certified minority business enterprise with the Massachusetts Office of Supplier Diversity.  As a responsible vendor of public tender, we value the trust placed in us by our civil servants, elected officials, and the people who they represent.

We are wholeheartedly committed to: 



Our vendors include Hub Zone vendors from Lawrence and Lowell.  We also use the services of minority women owned enterprise.  We are open to working actively with supplier diversity offices and diversity offices to ensure that equal opportunity is awarded to all qualified sub-bidders.


We publish by email and frequent telephone communications updates to the status of the project and immediately report incidents that affect the project parameters.  Our vendors are thoroughly vetted by a standardized process and our services fully certified/insured/bonded where required.


We are experienced in new public program and small business development with over 50 projects spanning from board governance to making first time websites.  Our team is highly educated in the fields of medicine, public health, and business administration. 

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Please see below for our list of USPC codes and find us online through Commbuys.com, sam.gov, and ungm.org.

Current Codes -   Boston Mantra LLC

Description Date Added

80-10-00   Management advisory services   06/21/2021

80-10-15   Business and corporate management consultation services   06/16/2018

80-10-17   Industrial management   06/21/2021

80-13-00   Real estate services   06/21/2021

80-13-15   Lease and rental of property or building   06/21/2021

80-13-16   Sale of property and building   06/21/2021

80-14-16   Sales and business promotion activities   06/21/2021

80-16-15   Management support services   06/21/2021

Please find our NAICS codes listed below for sam.gov

541613   Marketing Consulting Services

561110   Office Administrative Services

We pride ourselves on successful performance in the following areas:

  1. Timely Delivery (Commodities, Services, Reports, Billing, etc.)

  2. Responsiveness to Departmental Inquiries

  3. Quality of Deliverables (Commodities, Services, Reports, etc.)

  4. Performance Targets/Benchmarks (Quantities, Outcomes, etc.)

  5. Attendance at scheduled meetings

Please click here to view our Minority Business Enterprise Certificate

We are a participant in the MA Small Business Purchasing Program (SBPP)