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Multi Disciplinary Coordination

The pandemic brought a national spotlight to some of the smallest niches of the healthcare system, including specialized biotechnology labs, telemedicine providers, and specialized pharma companies.  Suddenly, the world has called for ubiquitous specialized testing, resumed outpatient services through telemedicine, and cures using new fields of science including immunotherapy.  Healthcare had long been fragmented before the pandemic struck, with providers themselves not fully aware of the entirety of the healthcare system, but the pandemic exacerbated this fragmentation, and the response proved that third parties were needed to coordinate niche areas of the healthcare system not needed previously to serve the entire world on a massive scale.


Without the intervention of third parties, many important groups of patients, especially among special populations, have been failed by the response, resulting in massive hot spot/red zone statistics within these demographics.


Boston Mantra LLC specializes in third party coordination of the healthcare system, especially niche areas of biotechnology, healthcare delivery, and pharma.  Utilizing the combined clinician- industry expertise of our consultants, Boston Mantra works with all stakeholders to achieve successful outcomes in testing, tracing, and treatment to the greatest multi-disciplinary extent possible.

Hospital Staff
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