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Great Coaches

The Honorable Rajoo Ananth

Rajoo Ananth is an acclaimed community servant with experience in preventing domestic violence, intervening in crises, and providing group therapy to special populations.  Justice Ananth is a Constable, Justice of the Peace, and Notary Public, qualified to perform a variety of civil process for the benefit of the public welfare. He is also a trained EMT-b and lifelong caregiver as an active licensed OT-SLP with experience in treating developmentally disabled children.


Uma Ananth is a career scientist with niche expertise in the area of Whole Genome Sequencing.  She is a nationally renowned consultant with specialized expertise turning around labs, developing new products, and ensuring compliance with complex biotechnology regulations.


Uma Ananth PhD

Jonjy Ananth is a world recognized physician-entrepreneur with a passion for improving the science and art of healthcare systems.  Applying a broad range of talents and demonstrable success, Dr. Ananth works diligently to develop the means of taking care of patients.


Jonjy Ananth MD MBA

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