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What is a Marketing Consultant?

A marketing consultant helps a small business define and reach target audiences by selecting the most appropriate media with the best branding


Type of services, we support -

We can help your startup achieve the following-

Networking Service

For tapping into our proprietary network of physicians, startup or early growth investors, and other key industry players.

Government Relations and Compliance Support Service

For support in obtaining approvals for new products or services undergoing validation trials, participation in government programs, or tapping into our proprietary network to initiate government relations.

Scale-up support-

For coordination among multiple stakeholders, prospectus/capability statement writing, tapping into our proprietary network of scale-up support  

Marketing Service

For creating a press list and publishing press releases, can also help with marketing plan drafting and canvassing survey questions

Graphic Design

For design of basic logo, consulting on colors/schemes/textures and other properties necessary for trademark- Includes business card design and printing.

A-V production

Fir A-V setup, recording with sound, and A-V editing.

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