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Putting the Safety in Health and Safety Contracting

Health problems are closely followed by issues with fair housing, fair wages, family support or custody, and societal ethics or codes typically enforced by the courts, but often handled by healthcare providers in addition to the underlying medical condition.  Health and safety are inextricably linked, not only through physical safety, but in safety through finances, education, and spiritual-emotional health.  While patients may adhere to treatment guidelines initially, problems with eviction, support, custody, and the law may derail them without the clinician anticipating their change.  Indeed, the social determinants of health seem to have a broad impact on the multifactorial nature of many diseases, particularly in the area of mental illness.

Boston Mantra LLC takes on a unique role and expertise in the tackling of social determinants of health.  Once the exclusive domain of law enforcement and social workers, Boston Mantra LLC believes that health safety neither need be reserved for those most indigent or most criminal, but rather practiced in society through adherence to civil norms throughout the healthcare experience.  Healthcare participants can facilitate adherence to these norms through facilitating the proper use of civil notice, process, and enforcement to ensure patients are empowered by preserving their civil rights.  Issues of divorce, child custody, eviction, bankruptcy, and municipal code infraction need not be left to burden patients without the help of an advocate, most often only the clinician.  In fact, some studies show that many victims of domestic violence see a clinician within the year before homicide and that their relationship with the clinician may be their only confidential space available to discuss violations of their civil rights, especially in communities of special populations or where there is distrust of social services and law enforcement.  With unique abilities and expertise to notify, serve, and enforce the civil process, patients can be reassured that the clinician will not only advocate for them at the bedside but be there for them when they face dark moments outside of the hospital that affects their care as well as safety.  Indeed, healthcare providers need to go beyond mandated notifications and reporting, to get to know their patients' safety needs, and utilize appropriate Boston Mantra services to ensure justice will be guaranteed.  Boston mantra envisions a caring environment where patients are protected and cared for as much as possible.


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