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Helping to Replace Trial and Error Medicine

The trial and error nature and uncertainty of treatment today highlight the need for objective rapid testing to certify the use of medical or surgical interventions before they are made empirically or for exploration.  The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the uncertain nature of therapeutic treatment, with many positive patients recovering completely through treatment, while some patients, especially those from high risk or minority groups, responded poorly.   Unfortunately, too many therapeutics lack effective companion diagnostics to effectively gauge efficacy at first dose.

Boston mantra LLC aims to help the development of companion diagnostics by strengthening legal policy protocols around diagnostic testing as well as healthcare and perform direct clinical consulting in the lab or at the bedside to bring about a therapeutic approach that tests or traces when treating.   Using the unique skills of its consultants who have more than 30 years of experience combined in healthcare provider alignment, molecular testing development, compliance, certified lab director-level quality assurance-quality control, regulatory affairs, operations management, education using multimedia production, and certified expertise in Whole Genome Sequencing, Boston Mantra consultants are especially poised to help the biopharma industry bring to market the next generation of companion diagnostics.

Image by Bret Kavanaugh
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