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Free up Lab Directors Time and Grow Lab Capacity

The COVId-19 pandemic highlighted the lack of capacity many specialized molecular diagnostics laboratories were facing when asked to perform massive test and trace projects.  With the standard of care moving towards the incorporation of personalized medicine through companion diagnostics for therapeutics and rapid microbial testing, it is only a matter of time before members of the public struggle once again to find a location that can test them without having to prioritize scarce medical resources.   It would be a tragedy if patients would have to endure the panic of not knowing the cause of their pandemic-associated symptoms due to scarce capacity for testing.

Boston Mantra LLC aims to work with molecular diagnostic slabs to directly increase their capacity at common bottlenecks in the diagnostic testing process.  Most importantly, the QA/QC to free up lab director time for final evaluation and signoff, as well as performing direct locum lab director signoffs on test results are the main areas of Boston Mantra specialty.


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