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Keeping Doctors Aligned and In Line

Perceived or real barriers between healthcare providers and the facilities they work at continue to undermine trust and confidence in each other on too many occasions, resulting in adverse administrative actions, sham peer reviews, loss of productivity, and loss of morale among health staff leading to medical errors.  In the worst-case scenarios, jaded healthcare providers and overbearing administration harm patients by distracting themselves from ultimately providing the best care.  A dual clinical industry experience is needed to bring industry perspectives together with clinicians.

Boston Mantra LLC aims to help craft policies that align healthcare providers with the industry that serves them by removing common sources of misalignment including  payment structures, compensation schemes medical direction and oversight, peer review, medical governance, credentialing, call schedules, student management, disruptive behavior, recruitment, termination, transfer of care hand-offs, conflict of interest management.

Image by The New York Public Library
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