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Turning Bystanders into First Responders in all Settings and Communities

As rescue and ambulance services are strained across the world by increasing demand, first response is increasingly left to bystanders at the scene.  As a result patients from disparately affected communities such as rural, urban, and special populations suffer from increased response times  under the care of bystanders instead of first responders.  The need for first responders also affects workers at job sites increasingly exposed to occupational hazards, seniors in assisted living who face the added risk of falls as nurse to patient ratios fall, and minorities whose language barriers prevent meaningful access to care except through their own community of first response.

Boston Mantra LLC is committed to turning bystanders into first responders in as many settings as possible through its application of advanced EMS orientation training, occupational safety training, and disaster preparedness training.  Once the domain exclusively of high level expensive training programs reserved for the most technically qualified, Boston Mantra desires to see universal first response education to empower communities to prevent emergencies or intervene at the right time to save lives.

Emergency Vehicles
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