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Bringing Communities together to Create an Inclusive Disaster Response Model

The pandemic disaster combined with civil unrest and forest fires, flooding, and hurricanes happening simultaneously in the midst of the economic hardship of national lockdowns have strained the healthcare system in many different ways, catching so many disaster plans unprepared for the disaster, especially in the area of testing capacity for large scale testing and therapeutic development capacity.  The confusion around the disaster resulted in many patients being forced to share resources, or languish without care altogether especially those from minority communities who lacked meaningful access to care before disaster struck.  Unfortunately, disaster response plans continue to remain on the shelf and miss out on opportunities to foster engagement with hard-to-reach communities that are most likely to suffer the most in a disaster.

Boston mantra LLC aims to prepare healthcare facilities for disaster in an inclusive way by bringing communities together, improve testing capacity through lab director services, and expand drug development through experience in companion diagnostic testing/tracing development.  Using noted expertise in medical cost avoidance V-and-V-accreditation, Boston Mantra utilizes its core domain knowledge in regulatory affairs, quality control, compliance, business development, in order to help create algorithms or policies that can be used to ensure effective simulation of systems to pre-empt as well as mitigate the suffering caused by disaster preparedness oversight or lack of diversity.

Image by Science in HD
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