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Be a Diversity and Inclusion Leader

Special populations continue to face disparate healthcare treatment, especially under pandemic conditions.   The lack of culturally sensitive, language specific, low cost, or high quality services for poorer neighborhoods results in patients who are denied equal access to care.  

Boston Mantra LLC specializes in special population care consulting by assisting in the design of special population specific initiatives, tailoring programs to be inclusive of special populations, and bringing special population representatives to the table for diverse deliberation.  BM utilizes a broad network of community stakeholder groups, access to special population specific media platforms, and special population specific approaches informed by cultural sensitivity, language interpretation, and trauma informed care.  Boston Mantra has particular skills in Indian and Spanish language interpretation.  Special populations Boston Mantra specializes in are:


-Mentally Handi-cappped

-Ethno-racial-tribal minority

-lGBTQ and women

-Physically handi-capped


-Immigrant and Foreign Nationals

-Socio-economically disadvantaged


Tattooed Woman
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