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Disaster and Pandemic Preparedness

The pandemic highlighted the many gaps in preparedness the healthcare system suffered including shortages of PPE, ventilators, and staff at all levels of the healthcare system.  These shortages were exacerbated by revenue constraints caused by closure of outpatient departments, failure of supply chains to meet an enormously increased demand for critical care supplies, and a failure of under-staffed facilities to meet a rising demand for complex cases.  Both healthcare provider and patient alike were left behind by these shortages, exposing healthcare providers or forcing them to lower occupational safety standards of PPE, forcing patients to undergo treatment with shared facilities, and subjecting patients to overcrowded therapeutic relationships.  The failure of healthcare leadership to prepare for the pandemic, as well as many other possible disasters, has opened the eyes of the public to this oversight.

Boston Mantra LLC specializes in disaster and pandemic preparedness from both a public health and public safety standpoint.  Utilizing unique expertise, Boston Mantra aims to shore up healthcare facilities in one of the three main areas every healthcare facility must address successfully in order to achieve its mission, healthcare certification or accreditation, healthcare strategy as well as workforce development, and industry economic analysis.  

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