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Therapeutic Development and Companion Diagnostics

The Pandemic brought out a very public debate on the relative merit of various therapeutics, but also an interesting facet once mostly limited to infectious disease therapeutics, infectious disease sensitivity.  The most effective way to determine the efficacy of therapeutics is through personalized sensitivity testing, which is not possible not only in antimicrobials but for a wide range of therapeutics by assessing the relative genetic pattern of CYP450 synthesis.  Despite the demand for efficacy studies at an individual level, the genetic profiles, much less personalized  genetic profile sequences have yet to be developed for many therapeutics.  As clinicians debate macro-level statistical studies to compare medications and try varying doses based on subjective experience in other patients, many patients die or fail to get timely care with the right medicine due to the time it takes to titrate toward efficacy.

Boston Mantra specializes in consultancy in developing companion diagnostics including utilizing a variety of specialty genetic databases, expanding testing capacity through laboratory director QA-QC support services, and helping labs to take advantage of inter-state regulatory relief to expand across state lines into new market territory.  Utilizing over 30 years of biotechnology industry level expertise, Boston Mantra consultants are uniquely poised to develop industry standard biotechnological tests, assist labs get accreditation, consult on biotech innovation to develop business, and train professionals in advanced whole genome testing.

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