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Getting Ahead of the Market

Market penetration is notoriously challenging in healthcare because of enormous complexity, red tape, and a general lack of understanding of highly niche areas of study.  Healthcare leaders often miss an enormous opportunity at the detriment of competition, sometimes with one or two monopolies controlling an entire market.  Consultants charged with opening markets are too often out of touch with markets because of involvement with the competitors they are tasked with planning against.

Boston Mantra LLC maintains a strong conflict of interest policy to advocate for client needs first in order to ensure their successful development into new markets.  Our consultants specialize in entering biotechnology, health systems, medical group practice, and health insurance markets.  We have unique expertise in non-profit healthcare.  Our consultants analyze opportunities for strategic player investment, private equity investment, alignment with healthcare facility ranking methodology, physician recruitment medical facility acquisition, and promotion of physician ranking.


Expertise - 

  • Non-Profit Healthcare

  • Strategic Player Investment

  • Private Equity Investment

  • Alignment with Healthcare facility ranking methodology

  • Physician recruitment medical facility acquisition

  • Promotion of physician ranking

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