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Justice Jonjy Ananth is a dual degree trained peer-reviewed author and researcher with a broad talent area for improving healthcare. An acclaimed community servant and certified inpatient experience, Justice Ananth has devoted himself to studying the wrongs of healthcare in order to find meaningful ways to address them. Justice Ananth has spent years performing nationally recognized volunteer work in community settings to study the unique social determinants of health for immigrants, women, disaster victims, and those without access to preventive care.

Born in Boston Massachusetts and appointed as among the youngest Justices in Massachusetts, he is an outspoken voice for equal fair access to the marital institution for all weddings.  With an affinity for new ideas and an open-minded approach, Justice Jonjy Ananth aims to ensure all people regardless of background can experience the wedding of their dreams free of any aspersions or restriction.  

Add'l Languages Spoken:


Awards, Titles, and honors:

  • Massachusetts Medical Society Certificate of Excellence in recognition of patient experience training

  • YWCA "Great Guy Award" in recognition of addressing violence against women, inequality, and racism

  • Commissioner of the MA Commission on the Status of Americans of Asian Descent

  • Akron Children's Hospital Extra Mile Award in Recognition of Patient Satisfaction feedback

  • Certifications in ATLS, ACLS, PALS, FCCS, BLS, and EMT.

  • Endorsed for Public Town Office by the Shrewsbury Firefighters Union.

  • President's Volunteer Service Gold Medal in recognition of over 500 hours of community service through outreach

  • MA Governor, Senate, and House citations in recognition of volunteer work to provide care to victims and families

  • 2 Peer-reviewed medical journal publications in the areas of preventive vaccination for HPV and cancer screening

Hon. Rajoo Ananth

Justice Rajoo Ananth is a worldwide acclaimed speech-language and occupational expert.  Passionate about community relations and living life to the fullest, Justice Ananth helps seniors, children, and persons with disabilities find meaningful ways to thrive through interaction.  His experience includes working with only the most difficult cases of children with severe learning impediments, women from violent families, and the criminally insane.

He hails from the Tamil speaking Palakkad region of Kerala India, having descended from a long line of spiritual guides in the Tamil Iyer community.  His unique ability to perform Indian language dharmic ceremonies in addition to renowned pre-nuptual guidance makes him an ideal person to conduct Hindu based weddings. 


Add'l Languages Spoken:






Awards, Titles, and honors:​​​

  • Justice of the Peace, Constable, and Notary Public in MA

  • Certifications in BLS, and EMT.

  • President's Volunteer Service Medal in recognition of over 500 hours of community service through outreach

  • MA Senate citation in recognition of volunteer work to provide care to victims and families

  • Peer-reviewed medical journal published in the area of aphasia research

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