What are Aerial

Video/Photography Services?

Our service features drone based aerial shots for marketing videos or photos

in order to showcase high definition panoramic views of real estate, event sites, or

people at work.

Our work features expertly discrete flying by FAA certified drone operators with the passion for developing beautiful images and practical insights into the best videography/photography techniques to ensure that the final products truly capture the special pearls that can only be seen from the air.

We use the latest technology, insurance protection, and FAA licensed commercial drone airmen to ensure safety and reliability for discrete flying activities.

Type of Aerial Video/Photography, we support -

Aerial Marketing Photos and Videos

We can take shots of your property, business, work site or special event in any or more of the following ways:

  1. Hi Resolution Images and 5.1k video resolution

  2. Higher Dynamic Range

  3. Better low light performance

  4. Slow mo Shots at 120fps in 4k

  5. Advanced Object Detection and Tracking of slow or fast moving objects

  6. Apple Pro Res H22 Codec Supported

  7. In-flight natural color solutions for incredibly rich and accurate colors

  8. Telecamera with up to 28x zoom

  9. Wide angle lens shots at 15.5mm

  10. Automated complex aerial movements for professional shots

*An additional charge of $80 is incurred for the following - flying in categorically restricted airspace, flying in controlling agency restricted airspace, night flying, flying in inclement weather, tower inspections, flight patterns that require complex flight proficiency. 

**flight mission may be subject FAA or other controlling agency approval, weather conditions, or other factors for which the safety and decision to undertake the flight rests with the remote pilot in command.

This service is in the works and is coming soon.  Please check back by 6/1/22!

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